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Old Master Paintings, Nineteenth Century & Early Modern Art | 15 December 2020
Jan Sluijters (1881-1957)

'Staphorst, de weg' / A road in Staphorst

signed and dated 'Jan Sluijters 1916' (upper right)

oil on canvas, 95x107 cm

-Amsterdam, Larensche Kunsthandel, 'Tentoonstelling Jan Sluijters', February-March 1916, as: 'Staphorst (dorpsweg)'.
-The Hague, Kunstkring Hollando-Belge, 'Jan Sluijters', December 1916, no. 44/45.
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-Collection Mr. Piet Boendermaker, Bergen.
-Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 1926-1937 (on loan from Piet Boendermaker).
-Groninger Museum, Groningen (on loan).
-With Kunsthandel Gazendam, Groningen.

The picturesque village of Staphorst has intrigued many artists in the nineteenth century, including Lammert van der Tonge, Jo Koster, Dirk Filarski, Stien Eelsingh and Jan Sluijters. While most of these artists were passers-by, Jan Sluijters and his wife sojourned in a small cottage in Staphorst from 1915 until 1916. During his stay, Sluijters experimented with a new style of painting, he significantly darkened his palette and his brushstrokes grew broader and heavier. In this present lot, the Dutch artist depicts a winding street of the green village of Staphorst, an upcoming farm wagon and two barely noticeable figures walking in the background. His palette is complex, dominated by green and darker tones with strokes of red coming from the bright lights of the farm wagon and blue of the houses’ fences. This painting is a great example of Jan Sluijters’s Staphorst period, considered to be among his most expressionistic works.

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