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BEHAM, H.S. (Hans Sebald) (1500-1550). “Fabianvs Ienner. Mathias Hornvng. onfang des iars vnd monat. 1546”/ “Philipvs Mei. Iohannes Brachmon.”/ “Iacob Hewmon. Lavrencivs Avgstmon.”/ “Egidivs Herbstmon. Simon Weinmon.”.

Tog. 4 engravings. Numbered “I”, “3”, “4” & “5” (in upper left corner), titled (4x), monogrammed “HSB” (4x) & dated “1546” (2x) in the plate. All ca. 5 x 7 cm., tipped onto one mount (behind passepartout) in one frame (behind glass).

¶ Nagler III, 1511. Collection of 4 beautiful small-sized engravings (possibly the second & third state (of 3) published around 1546) from Beham’s series “The Peasants’ Feast or the Twelve Months” (first published in 1546) depicting 8 couples of dancing peasants (representing the months January/ February, May/ June, July/ August & September/ October). All engravings with small collector’s marks on verso, resp. no. 1: “K.K” (not in Lugt); no. 3 & 5: “Ch[ristus]. Protector Meus” (Collection Dukes of Arenberg, cf. Lugt 567) and no. 4: “Berner Kunstmuseum als Doublette ausgeschieden” (cf. Lugt 236f), “K. Bern M.” (Kunstmuseum Bern, cf. Lugt 236a) & “Legat J.R. Koch 1891” (Johann Rudolf Koch (1832-1892, Swiss collector), cf. Lugt 1578a). ¶ Outer blank margins more or less cropped to the borderline, one engraving (no. 4) with upper part of the collector’s mark “K. Bern [M.]” (Kunstmuseum Bern, cf. Lugt 236a) in lower margin, occ. sl. foxed/ browned, but nevertheless in good condition.

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