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[DUTCH BIBLE] – BIBLIA, dat is De gantsche H. Schrifture, vervattende alle de Canonijcke Boecken des Ouden en des Nieuwen Testaments [..].

Uyt de Oorspronckelicke talen in onse Nederlandtsche tale getrouwelick over geset [..]. [&] De Boecken genaemt Apocryphe, [..]. “Te Dordrecht, by Jacob, en Pieter Keur, en t’Amsteldam, by Pieter Rotterdam, en Pieter Rotterdam de Jonge [..]”, 1713-1714. 4 Parts in 1 vol. With engraved title, 2 ident. woodcut printer’s marks on divisional titles, 5 double-p. engraved maps (incl. a WORLD-MAP in double hemispheres: “Orbis Terrarum Tabula [..]”, ca. 35,5 x 46 cm.) by D. Stoopendaal, 1 double-p. engraved plan (of Jerusalem) by D. Stoopendaal AND EXTRA 51 numb. engraved plates (dep. 306 ills.) by L. Causé & N. Gommerse. Folio (ca. 42 x 25 cm.), late 19th-/ early 20th-cent. blindst. panelled leather over wooden boards, both covers with 2 brass clasps & catches and 4 brass cornerpieces, ribbed spine with morocco letterpiece, green edges.

¶ Darlow/ Moule 3337. Poortman I, p. 243 (& pp. 172-176). Poortman/ Augusteijn (Kaarten in Bijbels) pp. 193-203. Famous “Keur-Bijbel” illustrated with maps (the so-called “grote Keur-kaarten”) engraved by the Dutch print-maker Daniël Stopendaal (1672-1726) together with a series of 51 engravings by Lamberecht Causé (born in 1675) & Nicolaas Gommerse. With loosely inserted late 18th-cent. fold. engraved view by A. Delfos after J.J. Beylaerd (“Gezigt op de Academie, te Leyden”, publ. by the widow A. Honkoop & A. Kallewier, ca. 1762, ca. 27,5 x 35 cm.). ¶ A few defects (spine partly dam./ repaired, outer blank margins of engr. title cropped to the borderline & doubled, 1 preliminary leaf remargined with paper, outer blank margins of 1 final text-leaf cropped & doubled, outer blank margin of a few extra engravings torn off (partly strengthened with paper on verso), sl. marg. waterstained, sl. foxed/ browned), but nevertheless an impressive binding in an acceptable condition.

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