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Old Master Paintings, Nineteenth Century & Early Modern Art | 15 December 2020
Dick Ket (1902-1940)

A still life with flowers and two bottles

studio stamp 'Atelier Dick Ket' (lower left); stamp 'Catalogus Dick Ket Nr. Reg. R.M.K.M. O.' (on the reverse)

oil on canvas, mounted on board, 35x27 cm
Painted circa 1925

-A. Ottevanger, M. Mekkink, 'Dick Ket, over zijn leven, ideeën en kunst', Arnhem, 1994, oeuvrecatlogus no. 26 on p. 153, as: 'Stilleven met Oostindische kers in potje en twee flessen'.

-Collection L. Ket, Bennekom, circa 1941.
-Collection W.G. Kan, Bennekom since circa 1960. He was the general practitioner of the Ket family in Rotterdam. By the 1960's, he received this painting from the father of the artist.

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