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Old Master Paintings, Nineteenth Century & Early Modern Art | 15 December 2020
Salomon Rombouts (1655-1700/02)

A village fair with numerous figures and a vendor selling antiques

signed 'SRombouts' (lower right)

oil on panel, 59x82 cm

-Frederik Muller, Amsterdam, 27 April 1909, lot 141, with ill.
-Frederik Muller, Amsterdam, 28 November 1911, lot 64.
-Collection of a noble family, the Netherlands.

Salomon Gillisz. Rombouts was born in Haarlem in 1655, and died possibly in Florence in 1700/1702. He was a son of the landscape painter Gillis Salomonsz Rombouts and Maritgen Govertsdr. van Ey, who both died in 1672. Salomon was a pupil and later on collaborator of his father, whose landscapes were similar to those of Jacob van Ruisdael and Meindert Hobbema. Both Gillis and Salomon Rombouts painted landscapes with architecture and beach scenes. In 1681 Salomon travelled to Italy and was registered in Florence from 1689 to 1700, and where he probably married in the year 1690.

In the auction at Frederik Muller, Amsterdam, where the present lot was offerd on 27 April 1909, this painting was catalogued as follows: “La foire au village. Au pied d’une petite église gothique, les forains ont dressé leurs tentes et une foule nombreuse s’y presse. La rivière qui passe devant le village, livre aussi son contignent de visiteurs: bon nombre sont arrivés dans les barques qu’on a laissé amarrées à la rive. A droite, un marchant, coiffé d’un étrange bonnet rayé, fait l’article de ses marchandises. Derrière lui un clown à la face noircie, amuse les spectateurs par ses grimaces. Signé: S.RomBouts (les deux premières lettres enlacées). Bois.- H.59, L.82 cm. Oeuvre importante de ce maître rare.”

The painting has a strong narrative. It is the day of a village fair. At the foot of a small gothic church, the stallholders have pitched their tents and large crowds have gathered around. The river which passes in front of the village also brings many visitors who have just arrived by boats which are lying moored to the shore. To the right, a merchant wearing a strange striped cap is praising his goods. Behind him a clown with a darkened face, amuses the spectators with his grimaces. In 1909 the work was described as an ‘important work of a rare master’.

Venduehuis The Hague is pleased to offer this painting in auction after having been family owned for many decades.

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