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Old Master Paintings, Nineteenth Century & Early Modern Art | 15 December 2020
Jan Toorop (1858-1928)

I. A deer next to a tree by a pond with swans
II. 'In het bos' / In the forest, possibly in the Manteling, a forest in Walcheren, Zeeland
III. A landscape with a horse and a sun at the horizon

I. signed 'J.H. Toorop' (lower right in pencil); a letter written, signed and dated 'Den Haag 99' and annotated 'Dit grachtje is mijn laatste probeersel' (written on the reverse of the paper)
II. signed and annotated in ink 'J.H. Toorop aan Mej. Marius.' (lower left); signed again 'C Toorop' (in the print); a letter written to Ms. Marius by Toorop during his visit to Hotel du Rhin in Katwijk aan Zee (written on the reverse of the paper)
III. a letter written to Ms. Marius, signed by Toorop and dated '30 Sept 99' (written on the reverse of the paper)

I. etching in colours on paper, 4x5 cm
II. drypoint etching on paper, 10x10 cm
III. ink on paper, 5x6,5 cm

II. Executed in 1895.

All unframed and attached with red stamps of 'J.H. Brugman&Zn./Papestraat 25/Den Haag' to one passe partout.

-Collection Ms. Grada Hermina Marius (1854-1919), The Hague.
-Thence by descent to the collection of the present owner.

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