Lot 1547
Exclusive Jewels & Watches and Fine Silver | 16 December 2020
A Dutch silver and enamel jewellery box in fitted wooden box, prize winner on 1900 Exposition Paris

Third prize winner of the 1900 Paris Exposition. This jewellery box is made with different kinds of technique such as niello, openwork, enamelling, casting etc. Each side of the box with an applied plate depicting: a pair of peacocks, a pair of pelicans, a pair of parrots with their young and a chicken with five chicks. The four corners with monkeys holding their knees. The hinged cover roof-shaped with smaller raised part with openwork border. On the back engraved "Feeterse fecit Ao 1900" and his maker's mark on the underside. Also duty hallmark dolphin in triangle 1893-1906. The wooden fitted case with defects. Size ca 12x9x16 cm. Hereby the bronze medal and various memorabilia referring to the exposition.

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€ 46.000,00

Hamerprijs: € 46.000