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Exclusive Jewels & Watches and Fine Silver | 16 December 2020
A Dutch silver dish, Regenspurg

A round hammered dish with scalloped rim. In the centre an organic decoration. Maker Willem Piet Regenspurg, Enschede, around 1920. Only struck with maker's mark and signature "P. Regenspurg fecit". 925/1000. D ca cm

Regenspurg received a Stork scholarship for The Hague Royal Academy of Arts, where he received lessons from Frans Zwollo Sr. In 1920 he returned to his birthplace Enschede. He had his atelier in the Achterstraat for over 40 years. His first assignment was for the Jewish surgeon and gyneacologist, Julius van Dam. This was the start of his relationship with the Jewish society in Enschede. He has made some pieces for the Synagogue.

Provenance: -The dish was a gift or meant as a payment to G.H. Haverkate, one of the co-owners of the Textile Factory "De Holland" in the Parkstraat Enschede and by descendance to the present owners.

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