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Arts of the East: Asian Ceramics & Works of Art | 17 December 2020
An exceptional Indian miniature painting; Visiting a princess, India, Mughal style, Avadh (Oudh)

Late 18th century, India

Opaque pigments heightened with gold on paper,with a floral sprays border, depicting a princess flanked by her female servants and a guest, most likely from Avadh Province, India. In many Avadhi paintings female figures are depicted with elongated lower torsos, sharp noses, and oval faces. The elongation of the female body was perhaps an extension of Persian poetics who compared women's bodies to a slender cypress tree (sarv).

47x31 cm (incl. frame: 56,5x40 cm)

Provenance: Property from the collection of C.G. Verburgt-Kramers, the Netherlands.

€ 8.000,00
€ 12.000,00
€ 8.000,00

Hamerprijs: € 8.000