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Indonesian Art Sale | 18 November 2020
[PHOTOGRAPHS] – ADAM, T. (Tassilo) (1878-1955). COLLECTION of 188 early 20th-cent. photographs (i.a. gelatin silver prints) comprising various views of i.a. buildings, gardens, landscapes, mountains & plantations in the former Dutch East Indies.

Various sizes (incl. 14 large-sized panoramic views printed on 2 leaves, ca. 15 x 83 cm.), all mounted (recto only) onto 86 brown card leaves (of which 14 double-page) numbered “1-34” & “38-89” in white ink in upper right corner, bound as a block-book (with cord) into an early 20th-cent. album (ca. 35 x 47 x 10 cm.) with richly decorated (incl. perforated patterns) gilt vellum pieces mounted on both covers & backstrip.

¶ Impressive album (probably compiled as a presentational gift) containing 188 photographs by the German ethnologist & photographer Tassilo Adam (1878-1955) who established in 1914 a photographic studio in Pematangsiantar (Sumatra) and afterwards in Yogyakarta (Java) in the period 1921-1926. The beautiful (large-sized) photographs (all with photographer’s inventory number added in black ink below) comprise i.a. 42 views of the Buddhist temple Borobudur (Java), views of the palace of the governor-general at Buitenzorg (incl. the botanical gardens), views of Batavia (i.a. the “Willemskerk” & the harbour “Tanjung Priok”), a view of the crater lake of the Sibayak volcano (with the Sinabung volcano in the background) & a large-sized view of the crater of the Bromo volcano (Java). – A few small imperfections to the album (both joints partly splitting, vellum piece on lower cover loosening, several card leaves partly dog-eared), but the photographs in good condition.

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