Lot 3025
Arts of the East: Asian Ceramics & Works of Art | 17 December 2020
A bronze figure of Padmapani

circa 12th century, Ladakh or Western Tibet

Standing with both legs straight in samabhanga on a lotus base, his right hand in varada mudra and the left hand holding the stem of a lotus blossoming at the shoulder, wearing a dotted dhoti, the head surmounted by a crown and thin chignon. Traces of gilt.

H 22 cm

No restoration or loss to fingers and attributes. Traces of gilding remaining on the legs, hands, crown and Padma. Underneath, at the bottom of the sculpture remnants of an unreadable categorisation number. At the back, at the level of the knees, some irregularities in the bronze, which occurred during casting.

€ 4.000,00
€ 5.000,00