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Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction | 14 October 2020
Christian Boltanski (1944)

Les bougies (Shadows from the lesson of darkness)

five figurines of oxidized copper on metal brackets, in five parts, each piece circa 34x3x31 cm, overall 35x150x31 cm

Executed in 1986, this work is unique.

Exhibited: Rotterdam, Galerie Bébert, 1988.
Berlin, Martin-Gropius Bau, 'Gegenwart Ewigkeit. Spuren des Transzendenten in der Kunst unserer Zeit, 6 April -24 June 1990.

In an interview, Boltanski was asked the following question:

'You have previously said that you wish your work to be like a candle which can be extinguished at any moment. Are you pushing this to aim far with your shadow pictures?'

'I connect a lot to the 'shadows'. Initially it reminds one of the dead, one talks of the realm of shades. It also however lends a direct connection to photography; in Greek this means to write with light. A shadow is therefore a primary photograph. Shadow is also deceptive; as we say, 'one hides the prize under the shadow'. The shadow is a trick, just like the small paper figure, which appears as a great lion; [...] shadows interest me in this way, because they are theatre, in its artistic sense. I wanted to make a kind of dance of death with the shadows. The small figures I made are often skeletons, but cute, small skeletons; it is also a dance of death for children. I then like the ephemerality of shadow; the shadows can disappear in a moment. As soon as the light or candles fade, there is nothing left. The shadow is fragile, it is not tangible'. (Christian Boltanski, in: Interview Doris von Drateln - Christian Boltanski, Paris December 1990, in: Christian Boltanski, Inventar, exhib.cat. Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg 1991, pp.73-75).

Voor deze kunstenaar is volgrecht van toepassing.

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