Lot 3064
Asian Art Auction | 10 September 2020
A bronze Padmapani

19th century, Nepal

Standing in the tribhanga pose on a singe lotus base. This Bodhisattva Padmapani is wearing an elaborated dhoti with voluminous folds falling between the legs and adorned in ornate jewelry. The right hand in the varadamudra pose, the other in vitarkamudra while delicately holding the lotus stem. The face with full lips, aquiline nose, elongated eyes centered by a raised urna and surmounted by a tall carved crown with flared ribbons. Three lines in Padmapani’s neck symbolizing conduct, concentration and wisdom. Cast in two parts and joined at the waist.

H 46.5 cm

€ 1.000,00
€ 1.500,00