Lot 3049
Asian Art Auction | 10 September 2020
A Japanese bronze figure of Sho-Kannon

Late 18th century, Edo period, Japan

A small size standing figure of Sho-Kannon on a double lotus base, with the right hand depicting abhaya mudra, the unopened lotus in the left hand is missing. The unopened lotus represents the nature of Buddhahood in all (tathagatagarbha), the gesture of abhaya mudra "fear not". On the back of the pedestal inscriptions mentioning the sculptor Kogawa Ichimasa (of Kanda). The sculpture is probably cast for the Choshoji temple, Gyotoku around 1780. Provenance: The property of descendants of Anton Philips.

H 18,5 cm

Please compare to a (larger) bronze by the same sculptor in the National Museum of Scotland (Museum reference A.1985.312.).

Good condition.

€ 2.000,00
€ 3.000,00
€ 2.600,00

Hamerprijs: € 2.600