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Interiors, Decorative Art, Books & Prints Auction | 11 September 2020
[OBELISKS] – ANTONINI, C. (Carlo) (1749-1835). Collection of 8 late 18th-cent. engraved plates (depicting various obelisks) after i.a. Andrea Roncalli,

all published in Georg Zoëga’s “De Origine et Usu Obeliscorum [..]” (Rome, 1797). Various sizes, all uniformly framed (behind glass). (8x)

¶ Provenance: Private collection (Amsterdam). Cf. Cicognara 2551. Attractive (large-sized) engravings by the Italian architect & print-maker Carlo Antonini (1749-1835) published as illustrations for a rare Latin work on obelisks by the Danish archaeologist Georg Zoëga (1755-1809) comprising “Obeliscus Sallustianus” (ca. 87,5 x 48 cm. Vague waterstain in lower part, small brown waterstain in outer blank margin, sl. creased in the middle); “Obeliscus Campensis” (ca. 88 x 49,5 cm.); “Obeliscus Barberinus” (ca. 87,5 x 49,5 cm. Sl. creased in the middle); “Pyramidion Obelisci Campensis” (ca. 32,5 x 55,5 cm. Sl. creased in the middle); “Fragmenta cuspidis Obelisci Pamphilii adservata in Museo Borgiano Velitris [..]” (ca. 46 x 36 cm.); “Icon Obelisci Olim A Caesare Avgvsto Positi In Campo Martio [..]” (ca. 45,5 x 21 cm.); “Icon Obelisci Inventi In Hortis Sallvstii [..]” (ca. 45,5 x 21 cm.) & “Icon Obelisci Qvem Ex Rvderibvs Mavsolei Avgvsti In Campo Martio Ervtvm [..]” (ca. 45,5 x 24 cm.). ¶ A few small imperfections (several engravings with horizontal & vertical folds (as publ.), occ. sl. foxed/ browned), but nevertheless in an acceptable condition (not examined out of frame).

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