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Interiors, Decorative Art, Books & Prints Auction | 11 September 2020
A Dutch floral tapestry or table carpet

First half 17th century

Woven in wool and silk, the brown ground with a central large blue and gilt vase decorated with putti and filled with carnations, lilies, tulips, and other flowers, surrounded by smaller vases filled with similar flowers. This tapestry may very well have been originally intended or used as a floral table carpet, which was a specific type. Moreover, the large number of different species of plants included in this tapestry evokes the fascination for botany in this period, which can be traced back to illustrated plant books published by Plantijn in Antwerp.

241,5 x 196,5 cm

For a discussion on the relationship between botany and Dutch floral table carpets, see Ebeltje Hartkamp-Jonxis, 'Floral Table Carpets, A Dutch product'. in: European Tapestries in the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam: Wbooks, 2004), pp. 273-294.

Provenance: Private collection, Amsterdam.

The original border lacking.

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