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Old Masters, Nineteenth Century & Early Modern Art | 8 September 2020
Bernardus Johannes Blommers (1845-1914)

Children playing by the sea on a raft

signed 'Blommers' (lower right)

oil on canvas, 35x44 cm

-J.L. Caw, 'The collection of pictures of the British, French and Dutch Schools belonging to John Reid', Glasgow, 1913, ill. p.209.
-André Groeneveld, Tiny de Liefde-van Brakel and others, 'B.J. Blommers (1845-1914), De zonnige Haagse School', Zwolle 2016, ill. p. 22.

-Collection Mr. John Reid, Glasgow, 1913.
-Mrs. Elisabeth Salvesen, née Reid.
-Auction, Christie's, London, 7 July 2010, lot 293, where acquired by the present owner.

Bernardus Johannes Blommers (The Hague 1845–1914) was part of the second generation of The Hague School artists, following in the footsteps of the inspiring painter Jozef Israëls. Israëls, too, loved depicting the sea and fisherman families, and often chose to show the struggles of fishermen afflicted by poverty and sorrow. Blommers, alongside contemporaries such as Philip Sadée, painted more lighthearted scenes. He avoided social criticism throughout his career. In the 1870s, he primarily painted children’s portraits and the homes of fishing families, omitting the toil of the fishermen. Later, he often painted idyllic scenes of children playing at the beach, including the piece on offer in this auction. Blommers’ works were received extremely positively by critics. The children he painted were praised as a ‘model of health and joy’. From the 1890s onwards, he started introducing tonal palettes in his beach scenes, favouring grey-purple hues in his compositions.

Like other The Hague School painters, Blommers quickly conquered international markets with his works. They were especially sought-after in English-speaking countries. Many of his buyers were industrialists who had made their fortune in the steel sector and at railway and steamship companies. On multiple occasions, Blommers and Anna van der Toorn-Blommers, his partner, travelled to Great Britain to meet art dealers and collectors. Amongst the top collectors were the Scottish James Staats Forbes, who was based in London. And also the Glasgow-based John Reid. The painting on offer at Venduehuis Auctioneers, ‘Children playing by the sea on a raft’, was part of Reid’s collection.

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