Lot 3047
Asian Art Auction | 10 September 2020
A gilt bronze figure of Vajrabhara and Vajra Vetali

Tibet, 19th century

The wrathful Vajrabhadra is shown striding in alidhasana on prostrate figures on a single lotus base. In his primary hands he holds a skull cup, curved knife and in the multitude of other outstretched hands he holds various implements. His main face is in the form of a ferocious buffalo, with bulging eyes and flaming brows, and he is flanked and surmounted by additional human faces, the head of bodhisattva Manjushri at the top. Vetali stands before him with her leg wrapped around his waist, holding a skull cup and knife.

H 17,5 cm, W 12,5 cm

One of the small heads on the front corner is broken off and missing. General wear consistent with age.

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€ 1.500,00
€ 9.500,00

Hamerprijs: € 9.500