Lot 62
Indonesian Art Sale | 18 November 2020
Dullah (1919-1996)

Two children and an adolescent standing next to two statues

signed and dated 'Dullah / Bali 1952 / januari' (lower right)

oil on canvas, 126,5x60 cm

Provenance: -Acquired by the father of the present owner during his stay in Indonesia in the fifties.

Dullah was born in Solo in Central Java. His mother worked with batik and painted.

As with many other modern Indonesian artists he was autodidact because of the lack of a proper art education. According to Dullah, he learnt a lot from the artists Affandi and Soedjojono who were in the independent movement Putera (Pusat Tenaga Rakyat) which was led by among others, Sukarno and Mohammed Hatta. He produced a few historical important paintings depicting the guerrilla battle against the Dutch army. From 1950-1960 he was the first official palace artist of President Sukarno. In 1956 he selected 206 paintings from his private collection which is depicted and documented in a luxurious publication in 2-parts, printed in China and the text in 4 languages by Dullah and Sukarno. The edition of 6000 pieces flew away. After Dullah stopped as the palace artist, he went to Solo, where he became co-founder of an artists’ association. He later stayed many times on Bali where he established a workshop for realistic art , (Pejeng Art Centre, Bali), because that is where his heart was; painting with reality. In 1970 he opened a museum in Solo, dedicated to his work but where works of among others, Sukarno and Raden Saleh are also shown.

The painting with the two children and an adolescent from 1952 was purchased by a Dutch man who saw the painting in a gallery in Jakarta. After a time in Indonesia working for a Dutch company, he returned to Holland with a lot of rupiahs.

Normally Sukarno would have a first pick at the gallery, however, eventually the painting came to Holland where, through inheritance, it is now on offer for sale.

Frans Leidelmeijer

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€ 8.000,00

Hamerprijs: € 8.000