Lot 1570
Silver, Jewellery & Watches Auction | 9 September 2020
A Dutch silver and gilt chalice

A richly decorated model. The plain tapered calyx applied with fine pierced floral decotion, the nodus with conforming decoration. The scalloped foot on a pierced gallery of clover, embossed with depiction of five Saints: Saint Mary, Saint John, Saint Michael, Saint Joanna de Chantal, Saint Joseph and Christ on the Cross, with the inscription : CONSUMMATUM EST. 835/1000. H ca 21 cm. The story of this chalice: The sisters Anna and Louise Smits sold the house, gardens and buildings of their sister Henriëtta, when she died, to the Brothers of the Monastery St. Anna in Veghel. Her brewery was closed down. On November 21 1922 the Brothers moved into the house. In 1923 they received this chalice from Anna Smits in memory of the date of August 27 1923, which denoted the 50th anniversary of her marriage to Joseph Sopers who died in 1914. At the underside of the base is the inscription: 1873 27/8 1923 with the text: BENEDICETUR NOMEN TUUM DOMINE IN POSTERITATE MEA IN SAECULA SECULORUM. The three sisters were well-known in Veghel for their charitable work. Anna Smits died in 1940, at the age of 90.

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