Lot 3038
Asian Art Auction | 10 September 2020
A granite figure of Surya

South India, Chola period, 12th century

A finely carved sculpture depicting the Sun God Surya standing in samabhanga. His hands holding the lotus, wearing a tall karanda-makuta on his head backed by a sun halo, an ensemble of layered semi-circular kanthi necklaces, stacked one atop one another and the upavita (sacred thread). He is clad in a closely fitted dhoti secured at his waist by an elaborate kati-bandha girdle centering a kirttimukha and realistically depicted bows and ends of cloth on either side. Mounted on a hard-stone pedestal. South Indian Chola depictions of Surya are rare. The only Chola temple thus far known to be dedicated to Surya is the Suriyanarkoyil in the Tanjore District in Tamil Nadu. According to ancient architectural texts, statues of Surya are placed in the garbha-grha (inner-sanctum) in the southern part of the temple while facing east. Two holes are drilled under his ears, probably to secure the statue to the temple wall. Provenance: Claude De Marteau Collection, Brussels.

H 92 cm

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