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Interiors, Decorative Art, Books & Prints Auction | 11 September 2020
[PHOTOGRAPHS] – [JAPAN] – ALBUM containing 100 late 19th-cent. photographs (dep. mainly topographical views of Japan),

all hand-coloured albumen prints (ca. 20 x 26 cm. (66x) & ca. 26 x 20 cm. (34x), partly with a reference number & English caption in the negative) mounted recto & verso onto 50 stiff paper leaves. Bound into a late 19th-cent. black-lacquer photo-album (ca. 32 x 39,5 cm.) partly decorated with ivory & burnished gold (=“hiramaki-e” & “takamaki-e” on a black “ro-iro” ground), upper cover dep. a view of a lake with in the foreground 2 men carrying a woman in a palanquin (=“norimono”) & in the background Mount Fuji, lower cover dep. several insects & plants, gilt-lettered ribbed leather spine, gilt inside dentelles, all edges gilt.

¶ Impressive Japanese photo-album containing 100 large-sized photographs by (one or more) anonymous 19th-cent. photographers bearing strong resemblance to the works by Kusakabe Kimbei (1841-1934), Adolfo Farsari (1841-1898), Felice Beato (1832-1909) & Baron Raimund von Stillfried-Rathenitz (1839-1911) depicting i.a. (domestic) scenes with Japanese women (dressed in “bijin-ga” style) & topographical views of “Akunoura”, “Bakan”, “Chioin”, “Dogashima”, “Fuji from Hakone Lake”, “Gamman Nikko” (2x), “Hakone” (2x), “Hata”, “Hindaikumachi”, “Jakko (Waterfall) Nikko”, “Kaminari in Nitanmon Nikko”, “Karamon Nikko”, “Kazagacira”, “Kazenokami in Nitanmon Nikko”, “Kiga” (2x), “Kintaikiyo of Iwakuni”, “Kirifuri (Waterfall) Nikko”, “Mawaridoro Nikko”, “Mississ Bay Yokohama” (2x), “Miyanoshita”, “Miyanoshita from Dogashima”, “Nagasaki”, “Negishi at Yokohama”, “Nitenmon Gate Nikko”, “Nunobiki Waterfall Kobe”, “Oswa Park”, “Oswa Temple”, “Sanginko Nikko”, “Shiba Tokio”, “Shinkoji”, “Takaboko” (3x), “Tonosawa”, “Uyeno Tokio”, “Wistaria of Tokio”, “Yadaijin in Yomeimon (Gate) Nikko” & “Yumoto”. ¶ A few small defects to the album (spine partly rubbed/ worn, both covers with a few small damaged spots, both paste-downs sl. stained/ soiled, most leaves partly foxed/ browned in outer blank margins), but all photographs in good condition.

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