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[MARITIME PRINTS] – PERCELLES, I. [=Jan Porcellis, ca. 1584-1632]. “Diverse Navires Dont on se sert dans les Provinces Unies/

Icones Variarum Navium Hollandicarum Quarum Usus Maximè In Aquis Interioribus Regionis [..]. Amsterodami Impressae, apud Gerardi Valk [..]”. COMPLETE SET of 12 engravings (numbered “1-12” in the plate) consisting of a title-leaf (with French & Latin text) & 11 views (with French & Dutch caption) depicting Dutch sailing vessels after JAN PORCELLIS (monogrammed “I.P. in[venit]” & “CJV[=C.J. Visscher]. ex[cudit].” in the plate). (Publ. in Amsterdam by Gerard Valck, before 1726). Ca. 17,5 x 24,5 cm. (image) & ca. 18 x 26 cm. (leaf). All tipped onto a paper mount & behind passepartout. (12x)

¶ Nagler (Die Monogrammisten) IV, pp. 92-93. Cf. Von Wurzbach II, p. 346 & Muller 1985 (both listing other editions). Complete set of a very rare re-edition (only 1 copy in NCC & WorldCat) published by Gerard Valck (1652-1726) of an attractive series of maritime prints (depicting various Dutch sailing vessels, mainly with profile views of Dutch cities in the background) engraved by an anonymous artist (possibly the Flemish print-maker Robert de Baudous, ca. 1575-after 1659) after designs by the Flemish maritime painter JAN PORCELLIS (ca. 1584-1632) comprising “Cague de Frise. de 38 Tonneaux [..]”, “Damloopers de 16 Tonneaux [..]”, “Buche ou Flibot de 40 Tonneaux [..]”, “Potten de Over-ïssel de 36 Tonneaux [..]”, “Cague de 6 Tonneaux [..]”, “Boïer de 44 Tonneaux [..]”, “Coch de Zeelande de 11 Tonneaux [..]”, “Dogh-Boot de 8 Tonneaux [..]”, “Cague de Amsterdam a Leiden [..]”, “Heu de 20 Tonneaux [..]” & “Lichter de 30 Tonneaux [..]”. The extremely rare first edition was published in 1627 in Amsterdam by Claes Janszoon Visscher (ca. 1587-1652), a second edition was published in Amsterdam by Jochem Bormeester (died in 1702). Our edition (in which a French title & French captions were added in the copper-plates) is probably the third edition and this version was re-issued in the 18th century in Haarlem by Bernardus Cleynhens (1702-1779). – Occ. sl. foxed/ browned, but else in good condition.

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