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Interiors, Decorative Art, Books & Prints Auction | 11 September 2020
[MARITIME DRAWING] – [DUTCH SCHOOL]. (VIEW of Dutch sailing vessels at sea).

DRAWING in grey ink & wash on paper (with watermark “J Honig & Zoonen” which was used in the period 1765-1836). Ca. 21 x 29 cm. Behind passepartout.

¶ Attractive late 18th-/ early 19th-cent. anonymous drawing on Dutch handmade paper. According to a 20th-cent. annotation in pencil (on verso passepartout) this drawing may be attributed to the Dutch artist CORNELIS DE GRIENT (1691-1783). – Outer blank margins cropped to the borderline, a few vague horizontal creases, occ. sl. foxed/ browned, but nevertheless in good condition.

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