Lot 29
Old Masters, Nineteenth Century & Early Modern Art | 8 September 2020
Johannes Bosboom (1817-1891)

The choir of St. Martin's in Emmerich

signed 'Bosboom/1850' (lower left)

watercolour on paper, 54x39 cm

-Auction, Kunstzaal Kleykamp, The Hague, 3 May 1918, where acquired by Mr. Frans Smulders (sold for 1.650 Dfl.).
-His Auction, Koninklijke Kunstzaal Kleykamp, The Hague, 'Collection de feu monsieur Frans Smulders', 11 November 1937, lot 12, with ill., where acquired by the grandfather of the present owner (sold for 450 Dfl.).

Please compare to a watercolour with a similar view on the choir of the St. Martin's in Emmerich, inscribed and dated 'Emmerich 1850', in: Fred Leeman and Hanna Pennock, 'Museum Mesdag, catalogue of paintings and drawings', Zwolle/Amsterdam 1996, p. 112, no. 41. On this page the watercolour now in auction is mentioned as: 'another watercolour of this subject, likewise dated 1850 [...] shows a kneeling figure with children, and a statue of an archangel on the column'.

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Hamerprijs: € 4.200