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Indonesian Art Sale | 18 November 2020
Lim Wasim (1929-2004)

Still life with cherries and snowball hydrangeas

signed 'L. Wasim' (lower left)

oil on canvas, 59x29 cm

Lim Wasim was born in Bandung, 1929, where his parents had a restaurant. He had a talent for painting and befriended several Bandung painters, Sudjana Kerton, Mochtar Apin and Abedy. In 1950 Wasim studied at the Central Art Institute of Beijing, China. For six years he studied there and then got a teaching assignment as a three-year associate at the Xian Art College, Xian City.

In 1960, Lim Wasim lived in Jakarta and came into contact with the Yin Hua organization. An organization of Chinese painters founded by Lee Man Fong in 1955 and headquartered in Prinsenpark (now Lokasari), Jakarta. In 1962, Lee Man Fong along with Lim Wasim received official duty from Bung Karno as a palace painter to replace Dullah. Works of Wasim are in the collection of Soekarna. The 1965 troubles made Lee Man Fong flee to Singapore, so Lim Wasim is on duty alone as a palace painter. Lim served in the transition period of the Old Order government until the New Order era of Suharto, 1968. Lim received many international awards. Until 1995 Wasim was appointed professor at the Liu Haishu Arts Institute, Shanghai. Lim Wasim died on 28 August 2004.

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