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Interiors, Decorative Art, Books & Prints Auction | 11 September 2020
J.C. Altorf (1876-1955)

A carved ivory sculpture of a heron, ca. 1920

Throughout his working life, Johan Coenraad Altorf worked in ivory (among other materials), creating figures and small objects. The material was ideal for the sharply detailed creations as he liked to make them. He used the ends of elephant tusks to depict herons like the one offered here. The bird is shown in a tight, waiting position for its prey. This figure clearly shows how the sculptor could stylize a representation of a subject to the utmost. Kunsthandel Huinck and Scherjon (art dealers) in Utrecht initially had the piece in their collection.

Many thanks to Drs Pier Terwen for his expertise and describing this lot.

H 46,4 cm

Literatuur: Levende Kunst III [laatste nummer], 1920, p. 7. (enkele losse foto’s om het katern te vullen met onder andere de ivoren reiger met een foutief onderschrift). C.H. de Jonge, Moderne Nederlandsche beeldhouwkunst, in: Ons Eigen tijdschrift, December 1922, p. 42, afb. 4. J.D. Voskuil, Het beeldhouwwerk van J. Altorf, in: Maandblad voor beeldende kunst, Jg. II, mei 1925, p. 138-141, afb. p. 139.

Good condition.

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Hamerprijs: € 17.000