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Old Masters, Nineteenth Century & Early Modern Art | 8 September 2020
Lou Loeber (1894-1983)

14 Illustrations for the book 'Gouden vlinders'

each ink and gouache on paper, 16x12,5 cm (full sheets 28,5x22,5 cm)

each sheet is titled in pencil on the reverse:
'Een kleine kapelle', 'Eerste ei', 'De geitebok', 'De speelgoedkast', 'Watermannetje', 'Rateleman', 'Lammetje', 'De tol', 'Die zonnestraal', 'De kwikstaart', 'In de wei', 'Afke', 'Sneeuwpret' and 'De nacht van Sinterklaas'.

several sheets numbered: 'I, IV, V, X, XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVII, XVIII' (lower left/lower right)

The present drawings are illustrations for the book: Lou Loeber and S. Franke, 'Gouden vlinders', Blaricum 1927.

Golden Butterflies (gouden vlinders) is the only known series of book illustrations by Lou Loeber. This children’s book with poems by Simon Franken and illustrations and cover design by Lou Loeber was published in 1927 by publishing house De Waelburgh, Blaricum.

The booklet of modest extent and size, made from plain paper and with a simple soft cover, surprised its young audience with a very modernist image language that differed from classical children’s book illustrations at that time. The content comprised 18 poems printed on the left pages and corresponding full-page illustrations on the right. The depicted figures, animals, and objects were bases on horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines and filled with plane colour fields in green, blue, red, ochre, and black or left blank.

With their dynamic geometrical compositions and simple colour palette the illustrations scored positive in reviews and were described by young readers as ‚fun', 'great to retrace', or 'a little funny: everything is square. Nice colours'. Contemporary reviews called them amongst others ‚'pleasurable’,’… so expressive, so distinguished, and though still so childlike, without being sweet', and 'a good try to free children's minds from bloodless mannequins and model figures’.

Besides this book illustrations Lou Loeber created from the 1920 onwards also other serial work as prints, picture postcards and cover designs, that where in a line with her socialistic beliefs of creating affordable (applied) art that is accessible for the masses.

The following illustrations of the book are not present in this lot: 'Title page', 'Spreeuwenkoor', 'Dat stoute varken', 'De sproeiwagen', and 'Het regende'.

Voor deze kunstenaar is volgrecht van toepassing.

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