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Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction | 14 October 2020
Robert Combas (1957)

Le lézard rouge attaque... (The Red Lizard is Attacking...)

signed and dated 'Combas 82' (lower right)

acrylic on canvas, unframed, 133x169 cm

Galerie Yvon Lambert, Paris.
Galerie Swart, Amsterdam. Private collection, the Netherlands.

'Robert Combas', Paris Musées (publ.), Paris 2005, p. 96 illustrated in colour, p. 94/95 detail illustrated in colour. Philippe Dagen, 'Robert Combas', Guy Pieters (publ.) 2010, illustrated, p. 96.

Le lézard rouge attaque, c’est une bande d’espions salops et ils ont l’ordre de tuer tous les amoureux de plantes vertes qu’ils trouveront sur leur passage. Le choix des armes est comme celui des larmes, c’est comme vous voulez : une petite mitraillade ou un grand coup de couteau.

La Figuration Libre Figuration Libre (“Free Figuration”) is an art movement born in France in the ’80s. The term was coined by the artist Ben Vautier (1935) after an exhibition he organized in Nice in 1981.

The group was formed by young artists Hervé di Rosa (1959), François Boisrond (1959), Robert Combas (1957), Rémi Blanchard (1958-2013) and was later joined by Louis Jammes (1958) and Catherine Viollet (1955). Initially, these artists did not intend to create works of art as a group, but they found each others’ common concerns.

Their art is spontaneous, refreshing, brightly coloured and draws its inspiration from the popular culture, comics, graffiti, rock music, old films, TV and superheroes. Their art is figurative in the subject, but above all characterized by its freedom.

"Free from what?" / Free to make ugly / Free to make dirty / Free to prefer the graffiti of the New York subway over paintings at the Guggenheim / Free to have an indigestion from Supports / Surfaces / Free to say ‘’Ben’s linear history of art, fuck that!’’ "/ Free to prefer spending the night in a night club over listening to Sollers / Free to want to re-do Matisse, Picasso, Bonnard / Free to sing Maréchal nous voilà or Viens poupoule, viens / Free to like Mickey, the cartoon, not Lacan / Free to give a damn if someone says to you: ‘‘You copy’’ / Free to say: ”Carpaccio, don't know that! "/ Free to sell for cash / Free to paint your dick in action / Free to paint on anything at all. Ben, Figuration Libre, 1982. (Extract from Free Figuration, by Ben Vautier, on page 260 of Ben Vautier. Is everything art?) This new generation of painters enthusiastically and casually testifies to a non-academic, rather violent, provocative, vital, energetic, instinctive production that rejects theory, manifestos and standards. The rejection of any form of academicism is also reflected in the use of mediums such as unstretched or unframed canvasses, cardboard or paper. Free Figuration is an art born in the streets, in the urban environment and in the clubs, an art that distances itself from minimal art; in short, a rock and punk art. The movement found its counterpart in the USA with Bad Painting and Neo-expressionism in America and Europe, Junge Wilde in Germany and Transvanguardia in Italy.

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