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Indonesian Art Sale | 18 November 2020
[PHOTOGRAPHS] – KAS, Th.Pr. & KASWARDJO, R.B.Pr. (both active 20th-cent.). COLLECTION of 91 early 20th-cent. large-sized photographs (of which 2 col.) depicting mainly the sultan of Yogyakarta HAMENGKUBUWONO VIII (1880-1939) & the Dutch governor of Yogyak

Various sizes (mainly ca. 23 x 29 cm.), all mounted onto 91 card leaves (recto only), bound into 4 early 20th-cent. (almost unif.) cloth albums (ca. 28,5 x 36 x 4,5 cm.) with embossed “Jogjakarta” & “1-4” on upper cover (comprising resp. 25, 25, 22 & 19 photographs). – Added: a collection of 104 early 20th-cent. photographs (incl. a few picture-postcards) depicting various views of the former Dutch East Indies (various sizes, all mounted onto 17 card leaves (recto & verso), bound into an early 20th-cent. cloth album).

¶ Provenance: The property of the descendants of the Dutch governor of Yogyakarta Johannes Bijleveld (1885-1943). Beautiful large-sized photographs depicting i.a. the wedding ceremony of Hamengkubuwono IX (1912-1988, eldest son of the sultan of Yogyakarta Hamengkubuwono VIII) including 2 col. portraits of his sister “Siti Soejantie” (dressed as dancer). All photographs with small date-stamp in lower left corner of the card leaves, 52 photographs with small blind-stamp of the photographer in lower right corner of the card leaves (resp. 40 by “Th.Pr. Kas” & 12 by “R.B.Pr. Kaswardjo/ Photograaf”) and 12 photographs (in vol. 4) with Dutch caption (typed on paper) mounted below. – All bindings partly stained/ soiled. A few photographs with small imperfections, but else in good condition.

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