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Interiors, Decorative Art, Books & Prints Auction | 11 September 2020
A part Art Deco glass 'Nippon' and 'Tokyo' service, design by René Lalique

Ca. 1930, France

The set consisting of 14 glasses of various sizes, 12 plates, 9 dishes, 9 bowls, 7 coasters and a platter. Decorated with beads on the base. Marked with an etched mark for R. Lalique.

Condition is good (perfect) except for: 1 bowl has several chips on the top edge and 1 bowl has one chip. Of the small square dishes: one has a slightly damaged relief (in the bubble design) and another has several chipped reliefs. One glass that is 11.4 cm high and 9 cm diameter, a small relief chip (in the bubble design). One glass that is 10 cm high and 8.4 cm diameter, one with a small relief chip (in the bubble design)a nd another with a chip onthe top edge. One large plate (diameter 23.5 cm) a small relief chip (in the bubble design). The round low bowl is missing its lid an is slightly lopsided. No other damage or issues.

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