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Old Masters, Nineteenth Century & Early Modern Art | 8 September 2020
Nicolaas Pieneman (1809-1860)

A scene of the Battle of Bautersem during the Ten Days’ Campaign

oil on canvas, 26x39 cm
Painted in 1833.

-The painting has been in the collection of the family for decades.

This painting is a preliminary composition for the painting 'The Battle of Bautersem during the Ten Days’ Campaign' which is in the collection of Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam (inv. no. SK-A-3913). It is signed by Pieneman and dated 1833.
This preliminary composition shows the staff of the Prince of Orange consisting of mounted officers gathered in front of a farmhouse. In the centre, the prince is standing next to his wounded horse. On the right we can see soldiers of the infantry and a wounded officer.
This sketch gives a global idea of the painting in the Rijksmuseum. The artist was clearly still searching for the composition. He finally placed the house on the other side, he disassembled the victims and the cart wheels, and also an officer with a sword disappeared. The present lot is a nice peek into the artist's kitchen.

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