Lot 125
Autumn Auction: European Fine Art 2019
Louis Apol (1850-1936)

A snowy lane

signed 'Louis Apol. ft' (lower left)

oil on canvas, 80x111 cm

-With Kunsthandel R. Polak, The Hague.

After a heavy snowfall the branches of the trees appear to break under their own weight. The sound of the crackling snow under the shoes of the walker with his dog is almost audible. The grey sky promises further snowfall.

Lodewijk Franciscus Hendrik (Louis) Apol was one of the most important masters of The Hague School and best known for his realistic yet expressive depictions of serene, snow-covered rural landscapes. People play a very minor role in his winter scenes, all the attention is directed towards nature. He was the painter of the scenic mood and the illusion of cold and vastness of a twinkling or threatening sky, but particularly snow, snow and more snow. With light and broad brushstrokes he epitomises Dutch Impressionism. He found the most beautiful landscapes in the woods of The Hague, around Arnhem and near Bloemendaal.

Louis Apol’s talent was discovered early in his life and Apol’s father had him take private lessons from Johannes Franciscus Hoppenbrouwers and Pieter Stortenbeker. From 1876-1872 he studied at the Academie van Beeldende Kunsten in The Hague. His work is extremely well-known widely and can be found in the USA, United Kingdom and Germany. The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam and the Gemeentemuseum The Hague have works of Louis Apol in their collection.

A Distinguished Collection: lots 105-141.

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