Lot 21
Autumn Auction: European Fine Art 2019
Circle of Simon Luttichuys (1610-1661)

A still life with a lidded jar, a violin, music sheets, wine glasses and walnuts on a silk tablecloth on a table

oil on canvas, 114x87 cm

-Bath, Assembly Rooms, 'International Art Treasures Exhibition', 11 August-8 September 1973, cat. no. 21. -Leiden, Stedelijk Museum de Lakenhal, 'Een verzameling schilderijen uit de 17de, 18de en 19de eeuw', 25 April-8 June 1980, cat. no. 29, as: Simon Luttichuys. -Antwerpen, Hessenhuis, 'Music and Painting in the Golden Age', 29 July-30 October 1994, cat. no. 21.

-Auction, Durand-Ruel, Paris, 27 April 1874, lot 57 (sold for: 3100 Frf.).
-With Kunsthandel Nystad, The Hague, 1973, as: Simon Luttichuys.
-Collection Mr. C.W. Blijenburgh, Hilversum,1980, as: Simon Luttichuys.
-Auction, Christie's, London, 4 May 1986, lot 5, as: Simon Luttichuys.
-With Kunsthandel Charles Roelofsz., Amsterdam, 1988.
-With Kunsthandel Hoogsteder & Hoogsteder, The Hague, 1994.
-Private Collection, the Netherlands.

annotated '27 B. Continuus.' (on the music sheets)

€ 8.000,00
€ 12.000,00
€ 17.000,00

Hamerprijs: € 17.000