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Arthur Briët (1867-1939)

Various sketches such as:
A man with pipe ('bode Jan'); Portrait of a girl; A famer; An elegant lady standing; A running boy; Two playing girls; A donkey; A ploughing horse; A cow; A dogcart; A famer's kitchen; A boat; The station of Verona; Mestre near Verona; Old houses in The Hague; A yard in Nunspeet; Houses in Edam and Marken

some of them signed 'A Briët';
all of them with collector's stamp 'vE' (on the reverse)

pencil on paper (51), sizes ranging from circa 10x5 cm to 24x18cm

The stamp 'vE' in a circle is of Willem Frederik ('Pim') van Eekelen (Amsterdam 1923-1984). He was a psychologist and a collector of prints and drawings.

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