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Autumn Auction: European Fine Art 2019
Charles Howard Hodges (1764-1837)

Portraits of the families Elout and Van Eybergen:
These works portray Cornelis Pieter Elout (1741/2-1796), his son Cornelis Theodorus Elout (1767-1841) and his wife Henrietta Josina van Eybergen (1768-1863).

Executed circa 1813/14.

each pastel on vellum, oval (3), 27x22 cm

-A.C.A.W. Baron van der Feltz, 'Charles Howard Hodges, 1764-1837', Assen 1982, p. 141, no. 191 (without ill.).

-In the collection of the family of the sitter, Mrs. B.M. van Harinxma thoe Slooten - Elout, thence by descent in the collection of the present owner.

The portrait of Cornelis Theodorus Elout (Haarlem 1767-The Hague 1841) was used as a model for the painting by Andries van den Bergh (1852-1944) which was painted circa 1883 for the 'Landsverzameling Schilderijen in Batavia', in the collection of the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, cat. 1976, no. A-3793. More information in: Jeanne de Loos-Haaxman, 'De landsverzameling schilderijen in Batavia: landvoogdsportretten en compagnieschilders', Leiden 1941, pp. 127-128, note 1. Family Elout.

Cornelis Theodorus Elout was a prominent statesman from a Haarlem regent family and minister in the Batavian-French era and under William I. Under Louis Napoleon he was in charge of drafting the Criminal Code. He was made member of the Constitutional Commission in 1814-1815. He was Commissioner General of the Dutch East Indies from 1816-1819 and then Minister of finance and colonies from 1821-1829. In 1794 he married Henrietta Josina van Eybergen.

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