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Indonesian Art Sale Online - 29 August 2019
K. Salin (20th Century)

A scene of the Rajapala story

signed and annotated 'K. Salin. Peliatan. Ubud. Bali.' (lower left)

acrylic on canvas, 59x39 cm

Rajapala is a boy. One day he goes to the forest alone hunting for birds accompanied by his blow-pipe. In the forest he finds seven nymphs bathing in a lake. A sudden idea comes into his mind. He steals one of the nymph’s magical dresses. When they want to fly back to the heaven one of the nymphs could not follow her friends for she had lost her magical dress. At the right moment, when the nymph is in sorrow, Rajapala shows himself to offer his help but only if that nymph wants to become his wife. In her sadness the nymph, Ken Sulasih, has no other choice but to accept that offer. And Rajapala takes Sulasih home.

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