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Indonesian Art Sale - 28 August 2019
Indonesian School (20th Century)

The Karbouwengat with the river Ngarai Sianokon on West Sumatra, seen from the Bukit Tinggi

oil on panel, 31,5x41,5 cm

In Bukittinggi on Sumatra, north of Padang, you have a beautiful view of the Karbouwengat or Ngarai Canyon. The Dutch called the canyon Karbouwengat because karbouwen (English: buffalos) fell to their death in the ravine. The ravine is 4 km long. Its walls consist of limestone that is slowly breaking up. In 1825, when Bukittinggi was still called Fort de Cock, two high sandstone cones remained in the middle of the valley. The cones have since disappeared. In the painting you look in the direction of the Singgalang volcano.

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