Lot 266
Spring Auction: European Fine Art 2019
Johannes Bosboom (1817-1891)

The monastery of Boxmeer

signed 'Bosboom' (lower right)

watercolour on paper, 40x32 cm
Executed circa 1850-55.

Literature: -C.H. Dinkelaar and D.L. Kaatman, 'Johannes Bosboom (1817-1891) Schilder van licht, schaduw en kleur', Laren 1999, ill. p. 244, cat. no. MKA 40-1. -E. Geudeker and R.J te Rijdt, 'Meesterwerken van de Haagse School', Ommen 2015, p. 36 and 242, and ill. no. 15, p. 37.

-Auction, Christie's, Amsterdam, 16 November 1983, lot 92.
-Collection A.H. Bakker, The Hague.

In 1850, Bosboom visited several monasteries in North Brabant, the Netherlands. He sketched studies of cloisters, refectories, kitchens, prayer rooms, and gates. He referenced the sketches for watercolour paintings and oil paintings long after. The monastery of Boxmeer shows a Carmelite monastery. It is a beautiful depiction, a testament to Bosboom’s virtuosity and command of watercolours. Using almost exclusively shades of brown and grey, he painted an atmospheric picture of monastic life. Bosboom not only wanted to show the physical appearance of his subjects; equally important were ‘the sense of beauty, of piety, of veneration, of intimacy…’. Bosboom’s monastic scenes were a pivotal point in his work, as they marked the transition from church interiors featuring many figures to simple, spare subjects. (Source: E. Geudeker and R.J. te Rijdt, ‘Meesterwerken van de Haagse School en werken van andere meesters: de collectie van A.H. Bakker’ [‘Masterpieces from The Hague School and Works by Other Masters: The Collection of A.H. Bakker’], p. 36.)

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