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Algemene kunst- en antiekveiling - Maart 2019
[WIND-CHART] – “TABULA ANEMOGRAPHICA seu Pyxis Nautica, vulgo Compass. Charte quâ Ventorum Noia septem linguis graeca scil. latina, italica, hispanica, gallica, hollandica et germanica repraesentantur [..]”.

Handcol. engr. wind-chart with cartouche dep. 6 concentric circles with a compass-rose in the middle (divided in 32 sections pointing to 32 male wind-heads) with the main winds in 7 different languages & decorated with 4 allegorical figures in the corners (representing the 4 seasons). Publ. by T.C. Lotter (Augsburg, ca. 1760). Ca. 50 x 58,5 cm. Behind passepartout & framed (behind glass).

¶ Attractive wind-chart representing the main winds with their names in Greek, Latin, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch & German. – Vague fold in the middle (as publ.), but else in good condition (not examined out of frame).

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