Lot 1566
Spring Auction: Silver, Jewellery & Watches 2019
An American silver coffee pot and matching cream jug

Model Chrysanthemum, Tiffany and Co. New York. U.S.A. The pattern was patented on the 12th of September 1880 under the name Indian Chrysanthemum. The pattern was an expression of the upcoming Naturalism, at first for flatware, followed by hollow ware. Later, but before 1905, when it was discovered that the flower originally came from China and Japan, the word Indian was dropped and since then the name of the pattern is known as Chrysanthemum. The coffeepot and the jug are richly decorated with this flower which symbolizes a long life. Production number: 6718M4340. Between 1880 and 1893. 925/1000. H. ca. 24 cm and jug D. ca. 6,5 cm.

€ 3.000,00
€ 5.000,00