Lot 78
Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction - april 2019
Wim Gerritsen (1929-2007)


annotated 'Wim Gerritsen' (on the stretcher)

oil on canvas, 80x60 cm

Painted circa 1952.

Until recently, the Dutch artist Wim Gerritsen was undervalued. But the pieces in this auction highlight the outstanding quality of his art.

His work from the fifties reveals an affinity with that of the CoBrA artists. Gerritsen was acquainted with several representatives of the group, including Theo Wolvecamp, whom he met at the Academy of Art in Arnhem, and Anton Rooskens, with whom he collaborated on exhibitions. The artist Eugène Brands opened several of Gerritsen’s exhibitions and viewed him as ‘a valuable addition to a small number of truly experimental artists’.

In part due to Gerritsen’s own humble attitude, his work was largely – and regrettably – forgotten.

Voor deze kunstenaar is volgrecht van toepassing.
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Hamerprijs: € 15.000