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Jacoba Heemskerck van Beest (1876-1923)

'Zeichnung no. 26'

signed with monogram 'JvH' (lower right)

East Indian ink on paper, 46x61,5 cm

-Kunstausstellung Der Sturm, under the leadership of Herwarth Walden, Berlin (according to a label on the reverse).

-'Jacoba van Heemskerck [Sturm-Bilderbuch VII]', Amsterdam, Kunsthandel Wending, reprint 1981, with ill., as: 'The Hill, no. 26'. -A.H. Huussen jr., J.F.A. Paaschen-Louwerse, 'Jacoba van Heemskerck van Beest 1876-1923, Schilderes uit roeping', Zwolle, 2005, ill. 90, p. 79, as: " 'Zeichnung 26', 1915 (whereabouts unknown)".

After 1911 the intellectual-spiritual and artistic Jonkvrouw Jacoba Berendina van Heemskerck van Beest (The Hague, 4 January 1876–Domburg, 3 August 1923) developed an interest in theosophy and became strongly attracted to Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy. Her methods were also influenced by the musician, poet, and art critic Herwarth Walden, leader of the movement ‘Der Sturm’ in Berlin, who would become a key figure among expressionist artists.

Jacoba’s work evolved in the years 1914–15 to feature a more lively interplay of lines as she developed her use of triangles and zigzag shapes. Movement and countermovement alternate rhythmically, often in black and white. In this period she repeatedly portrayed an abstracted mountain with trees and houses located in the water. This mountain seems to be inspired by the Mont Saint-Michel, which she must have visited during an earlier stay in Brittany, France. The motif of this characteristic mountain also formed the basis for ‘Zeichnung No. 26’.

(source: Huussen, Paaschen-Louwerse, ‘Jacoba van Heemskerck van Beest 1876–1923, Schilderes uit roeping’, Zwolle, 2005, p. 75).

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