Lot 166
Post-War & Contemporary Art Auction - april 2019
Sol LeWitt (1928-2007)


signed, dated and inscribed 'For Beppie Sol LeWitt 11/30/74' (lower right)

folded and torn paper, 50,5x10 cm

Property from the Estate of M.M.M. Vos.

'A pioneering force in post-war American art, Sol LeWitt’s geometric explorations of space, image and meaning was foundational in the development of both the conceptual and minimalist schools of artistic practice. Perhaps most famous for his “wall drawings,” the artist also explored a range of paper and sculptural techniques over the course of his career.

The motion of cutting, tearing, and folding, in LeWitt’s work, serves as an operational technique, a dynamic process of putting thought into practice through a single, rapid act. Maps, newspapers, books and colored fabrics are manipulated through simple processes, yielding new patterns and impressions on the work’s form, and illustrating the impact of the conceptual spark as it creates the final art object.' (source: Sol Lewitt: 'Torn Cut Folded Ripped', James Cohan, New York 2013)

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