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Indonesian Art Sale Online - 29 August 2019
Sitno (20th Century)

Eating at a 'Warung kopi', East Java

signed 'Sitno' (lower right) and titled (on the reverse)

oil on canvas, 33x49,5 cm

A warung (old spelling waroeng) is a type of small family-owned business — a small restaurant or café — in Indonesia, and to a lesser extent, Malaysia. A warung is an essential part of daily life in Indonesia. Today, the term warung has slightly shifted — especially among foreign visitors, expatriates, and people abroad — to refer more specifically to a modest Indonesian restaurant or a place that sells Indonesian things (mostly groceries or food). But for the majority of Indonesians, the meaning is still a small, neighborhood convenience shop, often a front room in a family's home. Traditional warungs are made from wood, bamboo or thatched materials. More permanent warungs are made from bricks and concrete, some family-owned businesses are attached to their homes. Some smaller portable warungs are made from tin, zinc or some modern versions might use fiberglass mold. Warung tenda is a portable tent warung, covered with canvas, fabric, tarp or plastic sheet tent for roofing.

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