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LE MIRE, Noël (1724-1801). “Plafond de la Salle de Spectacle de Bordeaux,

Inventé et peint par J. Robin, Gravé par N. le Mire [..]”. Large-sized circular engraving (diameter ca. 56 cm.) surrounded by 4 French captions (incl. a coat-of-arms). Publ. by N. Le Mire (Paris, ca. 1782). Ca. 64 x 64 cm. (leaf). Behind passepartout & framed (behind glass).

¶ Cf. Katalog Ornamentstich-Sammlung Berlin 2812 & Catalogue RIBAL I, p. 632. Very rare spectacular engraving by the French print-maker Noël Le Mire (or Noël Lemire) dep. various mythological figures (i.a. Apollo, the Nine Muses, Pegasus & Momus) as painted on the ceiling of “Le Grand Théâtre de Bordeaux” by the French artist Jean Baptiste Claude Robin (1734-1818). The French architect Victor Louis (1731-1800), who built this famous theatre between 1773-1780, published in 1782 in Paris for his own costs a sumptuous illustrated plate-volume “Salle de spectacle de Bordeaux” for which our engraving was separately issued (but are rarely found together). ¶ A few minor defects (fold in the middle, small dam. spot in outer blank margin (expertly restored), occ. sl. creased/ torn in outer (blank) margins), but nevertheless in good condition (not examined out of frame).

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