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[EMBLEMATA] – [MEISNER, D.]. [Sciographia Cosmica. Dass ist: Newes Emblematisches Büchlei[n] darin[n]en in acht Centuriis die Vornembste[n] Stätt Vestung, Schlösser &c. der gantzen Welt, [..]. Pars I-VIII. [Part II-IV & VI-VII with engr. title: "Libellus

[Nürnberg, Paulus Fürst, 1637-1638]. 8 Parts in 1 vol. With 5 (of 8) engr. titles & 611 (of 800) emblematic engravings (comprising 36 bird’s-eye plans & 575 profile views) with Latin & German captions. 4to oblong (ca. 14,5 x 20 cm.), 19th-cent. half-cloth.

¶ Landwehr (German Emblem Books) 430. Praz pp. 417-420. Brunet III, 1580. Cf. Katalog Ornamentstich-Sammlung Berlin 4543-4544. Rare re-edition of a famous series of topographical prints (dep. various cities in i.a. Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain & Switzerland) represented as emblematic engravings with Latin & German captions by the German author Daniel Meisner (1585-1625). The first edition was published by the German engraver Eberhard Kieser (1583-1631), titled “Thesaurus Philo-Politicus, hoc est: Emblemata sive moralia politica, [..]. Politisches Schatzkästlein [..]” (Frankfurt am Main, 1623-1626). After Kieser’s death the copper-plates came into possession of the German publisher Paul Fürst (1608-1666). According to Praz the edition by Fürst has many new plates and a new arrangement of the prints (with numbers added to the engravings). The plates for the first edition were engraved by i.a. Sebastian Furck (ca. 1589-1666), Eberhard Kieser & Matthäus Merian the Elder (1593-1650) and were partly based on cartographic works by Sebastian Münster (1488-1552), Georg Braun (1541-1622), Frans Hogenberg (1535-1590) & Lodovico Guicciardini (1521-1589). ¶ All engravings (measuring ca. 10 x 15 cm.) numbered in the plate (in the upper right corner), resp. A41-A56, A66-A75, A77-A87, A89-A92, A94-A100; B1-B42, B44-B49, B52-B55, B57-B69, B72-B100; C1-C61, C64-C67, C69-C96, C98 & C100; D1-D10, D12-D21, D23-D76, D78-D83, D85-D99; E1-E9, E12-E13, E16-E17, E24-E29, E31-E39, E41-E48, E50-E53, E56-E57, E60, E63-E69, E72-E85, E88-E92, E96, E98-E100; F1-F7, F10-F37, F39-F59, F62-F97 & F100; G1-G12, G14-G32, G35-G43, G45-G95, G97-G100 & H1-H12, H21-H24, H30-H31. ¶ Incomplete set with defects (lacks at least 3 engr. titles & 189 views, several engravings & letterpress index-leaves dam./ torn (off), occ. sl. marg. waterstained/ soiled), but nevertheless most engravings in an acceptable condition. Sold as a collection of prints (not subject to return).

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