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An antique silver VOC ingot

The silver bar weighing 1698.7 grams with VOC stamp to the bottom.

Provenance: Christie's "The Bredenhof Bullion" sale on the 4th of december 1986. This treasure, found in 1986 consisted of over 1000 pieces of silver ingots and copper coins, "Duiten" from the Dutch VOC shipwreck of the Bredenhof, which perished on the 6th of June 1753 south of Mozambique.

Despite the attempt to recover the silver bars and copper coins in the 1750s, modern divers found the shipwreck off the Silva Shoal in the Mozambique Channel in 1986 and a salvaging company was called in by the South African Government to recover all the gold and silver ingots from the sea bed and transport them to Mozambique, an operation which was started on 17 October 2003. Some of the relevant items salvaged are iron cannons, anchors, lead rolls and ingots, and some iron bars. A third part of the treasure was sent to South Africa after a long judicial battle which took more than four years and the part which corresponded to the salvaging company was sold at an auction at Christie's Amsterdam in that same year

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