Lot 3088
Autumn Auction: Asian Art - 23 november 2018
A lot of four various Obi, for late summer

19th century, Japan.

One Obi in beige, light blue and dark blue, and golden brown with a design in alternating rows of peonies and chrysanthemums, between rows of birds, flowers, and leaves, woven ton-sur-ton (440x33 cm). Condition: faded, wear and tear.
The second Obi in beige, silver, and brown with a delicate, all-over pattern of flowers (412x33 cm). Condition: faded, wear and tear, torn on one side.
The third Obi in azure, golden brown, and dark brow, with a pattern of momiji leaves (404x33 cm). Condition: usual wear and tear. The fourth Obi in broad stripes alternating in bluish purple and green, with a broad pattern of clouds, flowers, and branches, with geometrical elements in between (400x30 cm). Condition: wear and tear. Silk and metallic threads. (4).

€ 200,00
€ 400,00