Lot 3118
Autumn Auction: Asian Art - 23 november 2018
A bronze Dasavatara Vishnu

India, Western Deccan, late 17th century.

Vishnu standing under a kirtimukha in the samabhanga pose with his 10 reincarnations (Dasavataras) surrounding his head. In Hinduism, Vishnu came to earth in 10 different forms to fight evil. The row of ten (das) incarnations (avataras) starts with Matsya the fish on his right and ends with Kalkin, the warrior on the horse who is yet to come. In four hands Vishnu holds his weapons the conch (sankha), the disc (chakra), the mace (gada) and the broken sword (khadga) in his lower right hand. Around his neck, he wears a garland of flowers (mala). The sculpture holds several hard stones.

H 23 cm

€ 3.500,00
€ 4.000,00